La voix libérée. Poésie sonore.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

21 marzo – 12 maggio 2019

As the result of research lasting over a year, the exhibition has been conceived as a non- exhaustive journey through sound poetry, from the end of the Second World War until contemporary developments. Intentionally trans-historical and international, representing over thirty countries covering all five continents, this project has been conceived as a place to be listened in, a transmitter creating a frequency that passes outside the walls of Palais de Tokyo thanks to an application providing an open, free-of-charge download of the exhibition’s sound programme, as well as a multitude of sites, radio stations or reviews which will extend this experience of sound poetry during the entire spring of 2019.

The exhibition La voix libérée – Poésie sonore curated by Eric Mangion and Patrizio Peterlini with artistic contribution by Anette Lenz, offers, without any nostalgia, a journey with from voices of the past to the present. It plunges us directly and deeply into these artists who still use words and sounds as an exercise in freedom.