La Livre. An Homge to Ezra Pound

The book " The Livre . An Homage to Ezra Pound " is the testimony of one of the more ambitious project implemented by Francesco Conz.
Designed from the start as a collective artist's book in tribute to the American poet , during the processing it has expanded garnering over six thousand original, all made on the same size cardboard support.
All these originals should have been a series of 15 books in 15 copies each. Each volume would contain the original works of 4 authors.
To complete each book-box containing original works there should have been a book of introduction and explanation of the overall project plus a DVD with 22 interviews with a total of over 6 hours of footage.
A veritable encyclopedic anthology of international experimental poetry !
Begun in 1987, the organization of the homage firms the commitment editor for nearly thirty years and it has unfortunately remained unfinished due to the death of Francesco Conz.
As I have not the financial ability to carry out such an undertaking , and having no more access to original materials that were stored in the home of Vicolo Quadrelli , I thought it was right to publish the book which had to be contained in each box.
Unfortunately, as in the case of "The Secret Musem ", the work lacks the finishing touches, missing some photographs and contains errors.
But I think that such an extraordinary operation have to be documented.

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