History of Archive F. Conz

From 2005 to 2010 I had the good fortune to work in the Francesco Conz Archive, one of the major publishers, as well as unlimited collector, of the most important movements of neo- avant-garde: Fluxus , Viennese Actionism , ZAJ , Lettrism , Concrete Poetry , Visual Poetry, Sound Poetry and Gorgona.
After his death , which occurred April 5, 2010 , I see that there is very little information on web about his tremendous work .
For that reason, in 2013 ( October 31 ) I created the Wikipedia page, updating a biography I had written on the occasion of Conz Archive presentation for an initiative that I can not remember anymore.
I tried later to publish the books on which we had worked in the last period of his life : "The Secret Museum ", "F. Conz Editions" and " Livre . An Homage to Ezra Pound ."
Unfortunately vain.
Noticing now , 2014, that the Wikipedia page remains the only source of information about one of the legendary patronage's figure of the Italian postwar, I decided to make these books available in PDF format .
I decided to present them in their final version , not revised , revealing in red the latest additions that still had to be translated into English.
Therefore, documents are " unfinished " , and I apologize for any mistakes that you will be able to find , but I found it more useful to postpone any corrections and proceed.
I also ask comprehension to all collaborators who worked on these volumes. Make these volumes available, even if in virtual form, is a duty for me .
An act of gratitude and respect for a man who spent his energy until his last day of life to complete these publications ( unfortunately unsuccessfully).
Anyone wishing to see them should only contact me with an email.
To supplement I decided also to gather in this section all the articles I have devoted to the Archive in the last 4 years .
I hope that my initiative may keep alive the memory of that extraordinary experience of life and art.
February 2014